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Whether you’re an established author, a new author getting ready to publish, looking for a course, want to go on a writing retreat, or want an exciting new project for your school, we can help.





We are proud sellers of books across all genres, including children’s books, memoir anthologies, and LGBTQ fiction.

How Can We Help?

Do you want to self publish a manuscript you’ve written? Are you already published, but need a new reader to help polish your next book? Have you written a manuscript but you’re not sure what the next step is? Do you need an agent? A publisher? Do you want to take a workshop to develop your skills and raise your game? That’s where we come in. […]

Women’s Writing Retreats

May 11th-18th, 2019 Benalmádena, Spain SOLD OUT May 18th-25th, 2019 Comares, Malaga Write here. Write now. The next chapter of your writing journey starts here. Write that story you’ve had inside you for ages. Pick up that project you set aside, or take the one you’ve been working on to the next stage. Join us for a week of writing master classes in an inspirational setting […]

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The Global Words Bookshop is Here!

One of the wonderful things about being in the business of words is that there are always more things you could be doing and ways you can expand to help your customers. And to that end… We’re incredibly excited to announce the opening of the Global Words Bookshop! The online bookshop carries all of the books by Global Words Press, and we’re also carrying books […]

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Developing Your Writing Craft

One of the greatest things about being a writer is the ability to develop your craft. No matter how many novels, short stories, poems, or articles you’ve written, there’s always room for improvement, and there are always new things to learn. Writing in new genres or areas is a great way to push yourself and learn new things. For instance, in conjunction with Writing East […]

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Women’s Writing Retreat: 2nd Week Added!

Join us for an amazing week of writing in Spain.

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