What is your writing dream?

  • Do you want to be published?
  • Are you looking to self-publish?
  • Do you need professional editing help to make your work shine?
  • Could you use a guide to help you through the process?
  • Do you want a mentor who is as passionate about your work as you are?
  • Are you looking for a community partner to work in your school?
That’s why you should call us. We want to help you achieve your writing goals, whatever they may be. We love working with creative people who want to learn, grow, and get their work out into the world. Our editorial services will give you the tools to make your dreams come true.
Your passion is our passion; what’s your story, and how can we help you tell it?

Who Are We?

Global Wordsmiths is a social enterprise and CIC (community interest company) built around one core idea: everyone has a story to tell, and we believe in the power of words to change lives. We want to help people get those stories told. There are several parts to what we do: Global Wordsmiths is the writing and community arm of the business. We provide editing and […]

What’s Your Story?

Writing is something special. Sharing your story, your imagination, your words, with the world allows people into your world. Stories connect us as humans, and to do so in writing that can be shared on a global level is a wonderful accomplishment. As authors ourselves, we understand the magic of storytelling. And we also understand the blood, sweat, tears, and occasional swear words that have […]


We are proud sellers of books across all genres, including children’s books, memoir anthologies, and LGBTQ fiction.

Latest Posts

Get Away, Get Writing

Get Away, Get Writing

Who knew that staying at home for half the year could make it so hard to write? 2020 has been a crazy year, and there’s no question plenty of people have had trouble finding the inspiration and/or time to write. Imagine this: an entire week devoted to writing. Work on a project you’ve been developing, get feedback, enjoy daily workshops talking about craft, and hang […]

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We are all story-tellers

We are all story-tellers

There are more stories on this planet than people. They are varied, they are interesting, they are poignant. They are often funny, sometimes heartbreaking. They are the stories of people from a million different backgrounds who want to share their words with the world. Human beings are natural born storytellers. We’ve been scrawling our journeys, our fears, our worries, our accomplishments, on the walls of […]

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Queer the Shelves with Us!

Queer the Shelves with Us!

Join us for a special day of LGBTQ fiction, poetry, and general word-mayhem.

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What People Have to Say About Us


A professional yet caring and nurturing approach to everything they do. –Valden Bush

If you are looking for a personal touch to getting your book published, look no further. This is a team that will do their very best to give you the best result. I have had three book published this year, two with other publishers. Would I go back to them for my next book? No.

Would I ask Global Wordsmiths to do it? You bet. What are you waiting for, give them a try?

-John Parsons, author of Grandad’s Camper Van

I’ve worked with many editors over my 25 year career and I have to say, working with Victoria has been the absolute best experience I’ve had. Mind you, I’ve published six books with much editorial input. And Victoria worked on my favorite book, Descending Thirds, which I’ve written over the past 15 years, using upwards of ten editors on this book alone. It’s a very complex novel, and I asked Victora when we started working it if I should change the book’s structure entirely. She was happy to dig in and do the hard work to investigate this change and then gave me much needed guidance on the structure that best served the novel. Further, she went through multiple drafts over a 2 1/2 year period where I had to stop and go due to my film projects. No matter where we were in the process, Victoria delivered and then some. I can honestly say her last pass, which was a pretty steep clean-up, Victoria took the time and effort to create spacing in the book that makes it appear as if it’s already a published book. She not only provided editorial services on the book, but helped me on the synopsis and query letter–two things I dreaded attacking. With her help it was an exciting and fulfilling process. Her attention to detail, professionalism, her absolute grasp of grammar (which I’m terrible at) and her global story telling abilities brought together a manuscript I am so very proud of. I cannot recommend Victoria highly enough. She’s not only extremely talented, she’s every writer’s very best friend. She takes great pains to steer you in the right direction without ever making you feel as if you don’t know what you’re doing. For anyone who seeks a firm but gentle hand, Victoria is one of the nicest and most personable editors a writer will ever work with. –Nicole Conn (A Perfect Ending, Elena Undone, Claire of the Moon. Director, More Beautiful for Having Been Broken.)


I just wanted to thank you for all your help with my book. It’s crazy looking at it on Amazon! I can’t believe how much I managed to transform it with your help and I’m really pleased with how it turned out in the end. ~Amelia Thorpe, author of Breakdown Blonde


Loved my feedback session! I’m always wanting feedback, good or bad, as I feel it the most helpful part of a course. Victoria and Nicci are a well of information.  ~Morven


Vic and Nic’s teaching approach suits the way I learn. Non-threatening, sensitive to individuals within the group and professional. Would recommend and repeat this and similar courses. ~Wendy


The #1 thing was the quality of the teaching. The teaching was extremely skilful. ~Jan


Their teaching approach was very warm and open. I always felt comfortable sharing ideas and reading work, which isn’t always the case in a writing group. The course felt flexible, so that if another topic arises, more time can be spent on it. Would definitely recommend the course and would love to continue to learn more from Victoria and Nicci. The course has been a great help. ~Natalie


I took part in Victoria’s six week memoir writing workshops at the Nottingham Women’s centre earlier this year because I wanted to develop new skills in creative writing and to be able to communicate more effectively.  I was new to memoir writing.  I haven’t tried to write anything like this since my school days. Victoria helped me to understand how to bring a faded memory to life through expressive and descriptive writing. I loved working in a group of all women.  I feel that Victoria led the group really well, which helped me to gain confidence in exploring forgotten feelings and suppressed emotions. Since writing my memoir I’ve become more self-aware and I’ve have been able to continue with my creative journey, with a greater sense of conviction.  ~Clare Barton.

During my time with Victoria I found that her warmth and deep interest in people gave me and my fellow explorers the courage to share parts of our lives gifted usually to the most trusted of friends.  She captured my story with seemingly effortless ease and care, the result of which was a few minutes in the public eye that were significant to me in so many ways.  I thank her for all her help and support. ~Roy


It was an immense privilege to take Victoria Villaseñor’s four-week course in Memoir Writing at the Nottingham Writers’ Studio last autumn. For several years, I have wanted to write a memoir about my childhood in Brooklyn, New York, but I felt very unsure about how to go about it – where to begin, what to put in, what to leave out, how to structure my writing… I had many more questions than answers, and very little confidence about moving forward. Right from the start, Victoria helped me (and all of us in the class) understand what memoir writing is (and isn’t). With Victoria’s guidance, I wrote a piece that I felt I could build on. Her feedback helped me develop it further, and her encouragement helped me believe that I am actually capable of writing a memoir. I am now building on what I wrote in Victoria’s class, and on my way to writing a full-length memoir – an amazing journey that I would not have been able to begin without Victoria’s guidance and encouragement. She has been a true inspiration. ~Ronne

I have now written 2 memoirs that have been published, and that is thanks to the amazing team at Global Wordsmiths. Writing with Global Wordsmiths couldn’t be easier, the team is amazing, supportive and will help with anything, no matter how big or small. I would highly recommend authors to contact Global Wordsmiths if they need any help with their writing or to get published! –Robert Brookes

I attended Victoria’s writing workshop after my first novel was published. I was more than halfway into my second novel, but was struggling with structure. After the workshop I completely reworked the manuscript based on what I’d learned. The novel, The Time Before Now, ended up being one of The Lesbian Reviews top 10 books of 2016. Victoria’s seminar helped my gain a sharper understanding of the infrastructure required for crafting a strong story. I highly recommend it. ~Missouri Vaun, author of 18 novels