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Our fees are tailored to your project, but we are often asked for general pricing.

Below are some basic fees, but please call or email for a quote on your specific project. (For instance, if your work is only 20,000 words, the fee will not be the 100,000 word cost).

  • £50.00 Basic Assessment
  • £100.00 Detailed Assessment
  • £250.00 per double spaced manuscript to 100,000 words, Copy Edit–unpublished writer.*
  • £300.00 per double spaced manuscript to 100,000 words, Copy Edit–published writer or contracted manuscript.*
  • £400.00 per double spaced manuscript to 100,000 words, Development Edit*
  • £100.00 Assistance with pre-writing and/or brainstorming to come up with a cohesive plot or structure.
  • £15.00 per hour for marketing materials, simple copy editing and school essays/theses.
  • £4.00/page basic copy editing, line level only.
  • £3.00/page basic proof reading, grammar and syntax only.
  • £145.00 Submission Packet. Is it ready to submit? We’ll help you create your submission letter and make sure your synopsis and first three chapters are ready to go.
  • £700.00 Full read-as-you-write-and-revise, and line-editing/writing instruction on as much of the book as you get done within an agreed time period.
  • £1,000.00 Six months of development mentoring,  for up to a 300-page, properly formatted manuscript. (Prices negotiable for longer or shorter projects).

*£10.00 each additional 10,000 words.