Fury’s Bridge by Brey Willows (Afterlife, Inc, Book 1)

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Afterlife, Inc. | Book 1

If you knew the gods worked from a building in Santa Monica, California, would it change you?

Avenging fury Alectho (Alec) Graves has been tasked with saving the world, when she isn’t out seeking justice for those innocents who suffer at the hands of evil-doers. If she fails in her mission, those she loves will cease to exist.

Selene Perkton is a philosophy professor in Los Angeles. She lives an ordinary, well scheduled life, and knows her place in it. When Alec appears, the world she thought she knew becomes a very different place.

Can Alec and Selene put aside their differences, or will the evil lurking in the shadows manage to pull them apart?

3 reviews for Fury’s Bridge by Brey Willows (Afterlife, Inc, Book 1)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    On my favorites list
    By Netgalley.com on Apr 21, 2017 10:04

    Is it just a massive coincidence that all three books I’ve read about women and ancient deities ended up on my favorites list, or do I simply have a fondness for such tales. More likely, I got lucky and really good authors wrote them. There’s The 100th Generation, Coils, and now, Fury’s Bridge. All three share a similar theme about ancient goddesses (and gods) facing a common dilemma in this modern age of reason and science–being forgotten by their worshippers, and worse, rejected by modern-day folk as pure mythology. Each of the books have their own charm. Ibis had a rich historical and fantastical world, Coils was a rollicking Underworld adventure, and Fury’s bridge–it has Selene. 😉

    Passed around in foster homes as a child, Selene has overcome huge odds to become an tenured professor of philosophy. She may be an atheist by heart, but she’s a firm believer of the live-and-let-live school, allowing people their own beliefs and superstitions. While accomplished, Selene never felt like she fit in socially anywhere–at home, in school or at work. So her universe is suddenly upended when she finds herself pursued by an otherworldly colleague and an atheist Youtube philosopher. Little does she know that she’s gonna be caught between the forces of light and darkness–in a tug-of-war for the ages–that will determine the ultimate fate of mankind. Phew…that’s a huge burden to place on anyone’s shoulders, let alone Selene’s slender ones. So her journey from mild-mannered, somewhat insecure, conformist college professor to whatever she is destined to be….that’s the highlight of the book.

    The “Afterlife Inc.” in the book’s series title refers to the association of gods and goddesses who’ve decided to work together to further man’s (and of course, their own) ends. Debut author Brey Willows has adorned this ‘other world’ with the trappings of modern society: a corporate setup, gleaming offices, gadgets, email, SUVs, etc. The ancient deities though, are still who they had always been, with their ancient powers and weapons intact…it was fun to read about just how the ancient gods might have lived it up in our physical dimension. (I’d be surprised if they didn’t get gadget envy, especially with our gizmos getting more powerful and sexier with every iteration. Thuderbolts and tridents are so…last millenia :)…

    …I loved that the author did not shy away from the truly sticky questions…questions that inevitably arise when the createe gets a chance to meet their creator and isn’t going to be smite-d with fire for speaking up. though in this book, the concept of creator/createe is kind of turned on its head. 🙂 Quesions about faith, belief, afterlife, prayer. And the trickiest of them all (imho): why do bad things happen to good people? There are also some serious philosophical discussions on the underlying theme of the book–whether religion is good or bad for humans. Not too much that I’d zone out, but enough to ground the book in reality and give it some gravitas.

    Overall though, most of the book is about Selene and how she deals with her life-changing situation. And that’s why I’ve put the book on my favorites list, because these also happen to be the best parts of the book. Selene’s character is so well-drawn. Her reactions, so spot-on. Her convictions, so sensible and true. She doesn’t just carry the future of godkind and mankind on her shoulders, she carries the book as well.

    Reviewed by Alison Never

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    This book was brilliant and thought provoking
    By Netgalley.com on Mar 19, 2017 09:03

    This was an absolutely incredible first novel from Brey Willows. I don’t usually read any books of the supernatural/fantasy genre but I’m so glad I decided to give this a go. I loved every minute of reading it.

    Selene is a philosophy professor in LA leading a quiet and calculated life. Sensible shoes, a girlfriend of three years who she only sees on select evenings, train rides to work in company of the conductor, an air horn for the bears that sometimes come visit her in her secluded cabin… Everything is as it should be. But then she meets Alec and her life is thrown off course when Alec reveals who she really is and why they were destined to meet.

    I liked that even though many of the characters were Gods and Goddesses and other mythical creatures it was still totally relatable. The book is set in LA not in some other world and I think that the ever present realism made this an easy and entertaining read in a genre I usually never venture into.

    I don’t know if I felt infinitely smarter after reading this book or infinitely stupider because much of the philosophical musings went over my head. This book was brilliant and thought provoking with topics touching on philosophy, religion, faith, belief, hope, evolution, perception. Can I say incredible again? Because, yes, incredible.

    The tension and affection between our leading ladies was downright sizzling and downright perfect. I loved Selene’s house and Alec’s as well – I can just imagine how beautiful they were. The dialogue was witty and the clever humour throughout the book was fabulous – Jesus and Mohammed at the water cooler had to be one of my favourite moments in the book.

    I will 100% be reading the other books in the series. I loved Death as a character and I’m hoping we get to see her again and maybe see her get her happy ending.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    The story has it all- love, conflict, humor, sex
    By Netgalley.com on Feb 20, 2017 02:02

    This book! I loved it! I’m assuming it’s the beginning of a new series (Afterlife Inc.). It better be, cuz I’m not done with these people, gods, Furies, etc. The main characters, Selene and Alec are fantastic. The explanation of Afterlife, Inc. was on point. Very easy to follow and understand without being overwhelming. The story has it all- love, conflict, humor, sex ;). I cannot wait for the next book from this author.

    Reviewed by Maegan Moore

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