Peace by Piece


The beginning is always today. ~Mary Shelley

Throughout history, women have been on the front-lines, fighting for their rights, their freedoms, and sometimes, their lives.

In this anthology, we bring together the stories of women on the front-lines of their own lives. Women fleeing corrupt governments, choosing freedom over abusive relationships, and dealing with familial devastation. There are women who write about what it means to be happy, what it means to be free, and what it means to discover yourself. A college student finds that she likes her boobs while at a yoga retreat. An Iranian woman stands in an airport, fleeing persecution and saying goodbye to everyone and everything she knows. In Sudan, a woman escapes from prison during a typhoon.  Here, female authors from all parts of the world give glimpses into the strength, courage, and bravery it takes to be a woman in a world which is often hostile.

Overcoming darkness, terror, oppression, and the systemic dismantling of self, these women find and rebuild themselves. Using a collaborative process, they developed a community of healing and support through sharing their unique experiences of the world. Harnessing the power of the written word, these stories tell of loss, of strength, of hope.