Speaking OUT: LGBT Youth Memoirs


We’ve come so far. Countries all over the world are passing laws that support the LGBTQ members of their communities. Gay marriage is legal in places we never thought it would be possible. And yet, queer youth still face their own obstacles each and every day, some of those having to do with being gay, and some of those having to do, simply, with the human experience. In this heart-breaking and powerful anthology, you’ll read stories about self-harm, about bullying, about gender identity and sexual abuse. But more than that, you’ll read about what it means to over come, to survive, to reach out and know you’re not alone. Adversity comes to us all at some point.

The writers in this anthology have faced more than many of us could imagine. And yet, they thrive and share with you their journeys in an effort to remind us all:

You are not alone.