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LesFic Eclectic, Volume Two

  • But You by Helena Harte
  • The Dance by Margaux Fox
  • The Vigneron by Emma Nichols
  • Nothing Ever Changes by AJ Mason
  • The Wedding Invitation by Eliza Hale
  • Triquetra by Emma Wallis
  • The Feast by Lily Morris
  • Back to School Night by Serena J Bishop
  • For Her Love by Anne Shade
  • Blue Moon by S Derkins
  • Love in the Time of COVID by Sam Skyborne
  • Highland Fling by Katie Margaret Hall
  • The Switch by Jenn Matthews
  • Pele by E.V. Bancroft
  • Worry-Free Windows by Anna Larner
  • Unconditional Friendship by Lee Haven
  • Overload by Carla David
  • The Prophecy of Irisnah by Robyn Nyx
  • Into the Light by Brey Willows
  • The Elephant Trees by Valden Bush

We’re very proud to announce the publication of the second collection of stories in LesFic Eclectic, Volume Two.

The lesfic eclectic anthology is a labor of love; we believe there are some amazing voices out there that simply need a platform to leap from, and we’re happy to be that platform! The anthology is free, and there’s no charge to the authors, of course. It’s all about helping lots of great writers onto the stage.

This book contains stories by twenty authors who identify somewhere within the LGBTQ arena. Some are authors you might be familiar with, some are brand new voices you’ll want more of. There are fantasy stories, romances, coming out tales, and even a bit of sexiness!

You can find the link to LesFic Eclectic Volume One here, and to Lesfic Eclectic Volume Two, here. Downloads are free, and we hope you not only enjoy the stories, but see what else those authors have to offer.

Thank you for reading, for supporting, and for making sure LGBTQ voices aren’t lost in the noise. In an ever changing, and often isolating world, knowing you aren’t alone, and seeing characters you can identify with, can literally mean everything. And if you want to share your thoughts, feel free to get in touch!

  • The Bus Stop by Valden Bush
  • Diary of a Lesbian Taverna Owner by Gill McKnight
  • Bees by E.V. Bancroft
  • The Lighter by Lise Gold
  • Believe Me Now by AJ Mason
  • Turning point by Jeannie Levig
  • My Pleasure by Lee Haven
  • The Shield by Jenn Matthews
  • Bristol Blues by Kitty McIntosh
  • Feathers by Jen Silver
  • Home for Good by Rachael Byrne
  • The Fan by Emma Nichols
  • A Comet’s Kiss by Clara David
  • Heart Halfway Gone by Robyn Nyx
  • Fated Fallows by Brey Willows