Change in Time by Robyn Nyx (The Extractor Trilogy, Book 2)

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The Extractor Trilogy | Book 2

Working in the past is hell on your future.

Landry’s life has always been about doing her duty and giving it her all, and when they have to stop a deranged serial killer in the past, she tries to stay focused. But now, with Jade Carter always on her mind, her worry about Delaney’s mental welfare, and her attempt to have a normal life, things feel more complex than ever before.

Plagued by nightmares and memories of the woman she left behind in Nazi Germany, Delaney knows things have to change, and she’s the one to make it happen. But making those changes may mean she loses Landry forever. When she sets her plans in motion during their mission, she has no idea how it will end.  Will their differences demand the ultimate sacrifice?

2 reviews for Change in Time by Robyn Nyx (The Extractor Trilogy, Book 2)

  1. admin

    Exciting, tense, romantic and sexy
    By on Nov 14, 2017 09:11

    I didn’t think it was possible to top the first in the Extractor Series by Robyn Nyx but I was wrong. ‘Change in Time’ is exciting, tense, romantic and sexy. The story centres around Landry, an Extractor for Pulsus, an organisation that sends teams back in time to change one small incident and improve the future. We saw the toll that can take on individual team members in the first book. In this installment the consequences for Landry and for Pulsus become more serious.

    Robyn Nyx has delved further into the characters emotions and their motivations. I liked seeing how Landry’s relationship with Jade changes her and makes her consider her actions more. Delaney’s mental state and how it affects the whole mission is nail-biting. The dynamic between Elena, Landry’s mother and the Pulsus boss, Jenkin, was fascinating and gave a depth to the whole backstory for me. The book was excellent and the author has left me desperate for more. I can’t wait for part 3!

    Reviewed by Karen McIntosh

  2. admin

    If I could give this 20 stars it still wouldn’t be enough
    By on Nov 14, 2017 09:11

    …If I could give this 20 stars it still wouldn’t be enough…

    The book is about time travel and how saving people in the past can have the future made even better. So yes, the genre is right up my street. I love science fiction with a passion. And this book has it in droves…It has everything you could want. Action, adventure, discovery, deceit and yes some sex.

    My advice is that this is a must read. Even if you aren’t keen on science fiction. Me? I am going to go hide under my duvet until book three is out. I will probaly read both books again in anticipation for the next. So, please Robyn please don’t take too long you need to think of my mental health. Enjoy! I did very much so.

    Reviewed by Jane Shambler

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