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Climate change moved faster than anyone anticipated, and the Earth, along with many of its inhabitants, is dying. When a military convoy arrives to pick up Devin Rossi and Karissa Decker, along with dozens of other bewildered people, the two have no idea they are part of a group selected by the government to be transported to a space station preparing for the colonization of another planet. They are members of the Chosen.

On their way to the military base, their convoy is attacked and Devin and Karissa learn the real reason behind their selection. Their attraction grows as they struggle to survive and wrestle with the decision to continue on to the base as part of the Chosen, which means leaving millions of others behind to die.

Will they face an uncertain future together, or will the cost be too high?

4 reviews for Chosen by Brey Willows

  1. admin

    Brey Willows makes me feel, really feel
    By on Sep 8, 2018 09:09

    Brey Willows makes me feel, really feel – and that’s a rare skill in a writer. It’s her attention to the small intimate moments as well as the overall arc that stands out for me in ‘Chosen’. A group of scientists from all over the world have been chosen to escape the predicted extinction of the human race as the planet slowly dies. Devin Rossi and Karissa Decker meet on a compulsory convoy to the base where the planned move to another world will start. But will they want to go – and will they get any say in the matter anyway? A raider group trying to help those destined to live out their lives on Earth may change everything.

    The journey the scientists take is fraught with danger. The descriptions are so brilliantly drawn, I could feel the rain and was in the storms, experiencing it all with them. Climate change is in full force and so much worse than anyone thought. Following those dealing with the results was engrossing and immersive. The writing was faultless and took me to the places the author imagined. I was gripped and didn’t want to let go. I needed to know what happened next.

    The love story through it all took place amidst chaos and difficult life-changing decisions. I ached for the women as they dealt with their growing feelings and passion, never knowing how it would all end. Finding someone to love and being faced with such huge dilemmas was truly emotional. ‘Chosen’ is an excellent novel and makes me realise that Brey Willows can write in any genre she wants -I’ll be first in line to read it.

    Reviewed by Karen McIntosh

  2. admin

    This book was fantastic!
    By on Sep 12, 2018 12:09

    Oh my gosh… this book was fantastic! While reading it sometimes it felt like a thriller, a prophecy and a “how to” guide. I am a prepper, much like the survivalists mentioned on the story, so this storyline really fed into my own reality. There is so much to love about this book, but I don’t want to give spoilers or rewrite the blurb like so many do to fill their review. The content is exactly as described. There are mysteries within the story arch that add enrichment. The main characters are sympathetic and realistic considering their backgrounds. The descriptions of the environmental and terrain condition changes are amazingly detailed, rendering a realistic vision of a future with catastrophic climate changes. I wish this book was twice as long. I could imagine several more books continuing this storyline. Please…

    Reviewed by Melissa Famiglietti

  3. admin

    The writing is superb
    By on Sep 20, 2018 11:09

    It is just under a hundred years in the future, and the absolute worst scenario has happened to the earth and humanity. Climate change has occurred faster than anyone thought it could and worse than most imagined. Humanity didn’t help any with World War III. Now the earth is dying, many parts either underwater or uninhabitable because of tremendous storms, drought, heat, or floods. Formerly unknown diseases have been released with the melting poles, and humanity is in extreme danger. It is in this setting that we meet our main characters, Devin Rossi and Karissa Decker. They are being mysteriously picked up without their consent by a military convoy and transported with others to an unknown place. They are the chosen, but for what and will they have a choice in the end? Thus begins an adventure for these two and others you will meet on the journey that will include drama, action, and romance in a hostile world.

    I like reading dystopian stories, though I often have trouble finding good ones to enjoy. With ‘Chosen’ I not only found a good one, I’ve found an excellent narrative for what could be our future if we are not careful. The writing is superb, the setting is frighteningly realistic, and the characters are well defined. The romance is sweet and a slow burn throughout the story. The story itself will keep you reading until the very end.

    This book is written as a stand alone book with a definite closure at the end, but there are enough loose ends to make me wonder if there may be a series planned with these characters and story. I really hope there is. I would love to read more of this world and these people.

    Reviewed by Betty Harmon

  4. admin

    October 3, 2018
    This is an absolutely excellent example of speculative dystopian fiction…

    Whether you like fantasy or not you should give this book a go. The romance is spot on, the world building excellent and the whole is just speculative fiction at its best. I loved Brey Willows’ “Afterlife Inc” trilogy but this is on a whole new level and I sincerely hope there might be a sequel. I’m giving it a very rare 5 stars from me and can’t recommend it highly enough. Read the rest of the review on The Lesbian Reading Room.

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