Defining Moments


“But you’re not an alcoholic.”

That was a refrain several of the writers in this anthology heard repeatedly throughout their recoveries. Perhaps that’s because we so often correlate addiction of any kind with a certain mental image. But the truth swims in far deeper waters. Addiction doesn’t play favourites. It doesn’t stick to a certain social class, ethnicity, or location. It is an equal opportunity opponent.

In this anthology you’ll find a wide range of stories and photographs. Some are to do with specific events that led to the road to recovery, others are memories prior to walking that path. Many of the stories are humorous; some are heartbreakingly honest. The photos provide just a little more insight into a wonderful, thoughtful, kind group of people who have had the courage to take control of their lives. The authors herein have dug deep and shared what it means to have a defining moment; a place in life stuck forever in the memory as a point of no return.