Late OUTbursts: LGBT Memoirs



It’s the 1970’s, and a young man overcomes his fear to attend his first meeting full of gay people. It’s 2013, and a woman watches enough episodes of Bad Girls to know it’s finally time to come out to her family. In a house the Algarve, a woman finds love in an unexpected place, only to have her husband walk in. The political is personal as a man decides he will run for a seat, but on his own terms. A Transsexual woman tries to find a road map through the heartbreak of ending relationships. A football pitch of women makes one woman realise just how hard it can be to get on the inside. A sea shell tells someone struggling with the tension between her sexuality and her faith that she’s going to be okay. Under the bright lights of the stage, a young man plays Samson and realises it’s time for him to take the next step.

These heartfelt memoirs remind us that every story is different, and the journey can be a long one, but in the end, we can be proud of the people we are.

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