Patriotic Voices: Stories of Service


“We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.” ~Winston Churchill

The world seems to have been at war in one place or another for most of human existence. These are the stories of people who have sacrificed so much to protect freedom and serve their countries. They are as unique as the people who tell them, and they show an astonishing determination to survive despite overwhelming odds. Here you will find stories not only from those in the service, but also from their parents, their partners and their children, all of whom must also sacrifice in order to support those they love. Perhaps more than ever before, we are increasingly aware of the often devastating costs to our service members. There are organisations like the Newark Patriotic Fund to help those in need of support, a bit of laughter, and the family-feeling that the service is known for. There is no need to be alone.

In this moving, intense, and poignant anthology, you will find stories of incredible courage, bravery, suffering and determination. From a mother’s description of what it is to let a son go, to a serviceman who faces death but comes home determined to make life what he wants it to be, these stories will move you, and, perhaps occasionally, make you laugh. You will also find incontrovertible evidence of the beauty of survival and the unfailing love and support humans are capable of.