Women’s Stories, Women’s Voices


When you listen to other women’s stories, you begin to understand your own better, and you begin to find ways back through and with each other.

~Eve Ensler

“I cannot help my gender, and even if I could, I would never do anything to change it!” So proclaims twelve-year-old Bethan Evans in her story, Odd One Out. That one so young is already aware of the misogyny still very real in this, the 21st century, illustrates just how far there still is to travel on our age-old journey toward equality. This anthology is a mixture of fact and fiction, and some in-between. The one element which unites them is the strength of the women who walk through the stories. From humorous stories of being bed-ridden to stories of escape from domestic violence, the breadth of experience shows how determined women are to create paths of their own making. There is loss, there is laughter, there is desperation, there is dedication. Whether fiction, non-fiction, or something in-between, the stories are a reflection of a world in which women are too often silenced.

These stories are not always easy to read. Women’s stories are not always neatly packaged. There isn’t always a happy ending. However, they are women’s words, and in their universal truths there is unbelievable power. We invite you to join us here, to read women’s stories, to hear women’s voices.