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The big warm hug we all need by Michelle Grubb

The older I get, the more I’m reminded of that little old thing referred to as mortality.
I’ve found myself most recently saying yes, and dare I say it, even *suggesting, my wife and I do things I’ve had no interest in doing in the past.

I mean, camping, really? And a helicopter ride for fun, two words that don’t belong in the same sentence.

Did someone say midlife crisis? Maybe. And if I’m honest, I’m okay with that because it brings with it a sense of contentment. It brings a certain comfort in knowing what I want and don’t want. It brings with it the wisdom to both care and not care what others think.
But it also brings with it a deep sense of gratitude to those LGBTQ+ folk who have paved the way for us to this very point. Entwined in that gratitude comes a sense of responsibility to our community, to inclusivity, and to be a part of something that brings us together.
Queer the Shelves brings us together. It’s the big warm hug we all need, queer or not.

So come and get hugged in Notts.

(Maybe not by me personally, unless you buy a book. At which point I’ll turn into a hugging freakoid!)

Come and sit with us, listen to us, chat with us, and be a part of something pretty special.

Michelle Grubb will be at the Queer the Shelves LGBTQ Festival in Nottingham. Come along!

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