Women’s Writing Retreats


Writing Retreat, Wales: November 20-27, 2021

Are you ready to make your writing dreams come true?

When I looked at the resume of Nicci and Victoria at Global Wordsmiths, I knew I was in for an informative and inspiring journey, attending their writing retreat. I was enthralled and delighted. They delivered above and beyond my expectations, in a friendly and professional environment. I couldn’t want for better support. Thank you. “

–Emma Nichols, best selling author


Write here. Write now.

The next chapter of your writing journey starts here. Write that story you’ve had inside you for ages. Pick up that project you set aside, or take the one you’ve been working on to the next stage.

Join us for a week of writing master classes in an inspirational setting and make your writing what you want it to be. Learn, craft, write. Create and find your voice. This retreat is an intensive creative experience for those who want to learn more about writing and how to improve on their work. Beginners and experienced writers are welcome.

How Does It Work?

The workshop is led by long time development editor and multi-published author Victoria Villasenor, and multi-published author and photographer, Nicci Robinson. Together, they’ll deliver a two-hour workshop each morning dedicated to a different element of craft, and they’ll provide immediate feedback on quick-writing sessions designed to get your creativity flowing. You’ll spend the afternoon working on the elements we’ve discussed, and we’ll get together late afternoon to talk about what you’ve written and to answer any questions you have about the process or craft. You can work on a new project, or bring along one you already have in progress. Whatever works best for you!

We’ll start out by looking at writing on a broad scale and by the end of the week, we’ll be discussing the next steps to take toward publishing.

Throughout the week, there’s one-to-one coaching and support available, so you have the time to ask questions and get the kind of personal feedback you need to move your writing forward. 

Why go on a writing retreat?

Life is busy. There are so many demands on our time. Partners, kids, pets, work, the constant nag of the cyber world. These things require time which often means our writing gets pushed aside.

And that’s why you go on a writing retreat. You go to give yourself the time and space to devote to your writing. Be inspired by other writers on the same journey, and so you have people to talk to who understand the path you’re on. Learn how to begin, how to continue, and how to finish. You go on a writing retreat because you want to write, and this week is all about you and your writing, and you’ve got people there to support and inspire you throughout. You’ll learn, you’ll grow, and you’ll come out of the week with a horde of new tools to keep you going.

Optional good writing retreat stuff:

If you’re interested in fitness, Nicci will be providing exercise classes each day for anyone who wants to join in.

And, if your partner wants to come but isn’t a writer, they’re welcome to join you at a supplementary charge of £250. Writers sharing a room with other writers will pay a discounted price—so bring a fellow scribe! (£680 each)

To register or for more information, contact: info@globalwords.co.uk or give us a call on 07950 436665 


For us, food is a must have when it comes to fuelling creativity. So a continental breakfast is available each morning, and there’s an extensive nutritious, delicious spread laid out for lunch each day that includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. And there’s always fruit and small nibbles available throughout the day in case you want a little something to keep you going. The big open kitchen is just right for you to make your own dinner and join others for the evening meal.

Get inspired. Get writing.

The Package: £780

The Retreat Packages include:

  • Accommodation in an en-suite room in a beautiful location
  • Breakfast and an extensive lunch each day
  • Daily workshops and feedback
  • One-to-one sessions offering personalized project feedback
  • Outings to local locations (Covid and weather permitting!)

To register or for more information, contact: info@globalwords.co.uk 

A few other writing retreat details:

  • We are fully inclusive. All women identified women are welcome, wherever it is you place yourself in the glorious spectrum of human expression.
  • Covid: Like most places, we’re fully aware of the necessary regulations surrounding the pandemic. We are diligent about disinfecting all the community spaces and we will have disinfectant and sanitizer available in the house for your use.
  • You’ll arrive on the Saturday after 4pm and get settled in. We’ll have a nice evening of nibbles and chat, and we’ll fill you in on how the week will proceed. The following Saturday we’ll have a final breakfast with you, and then we’ll head out by 10am. *more details closer to the date*
  • We suggest you bring some nibbles and some items to make evening meals. The kitchen will be communal space, but we’ll make sure there are tags so you can mark things as yours. We’ll always have a variety of teas and coffee available throughout the day.
  • The week is informal. Many writers are a little anxious about attending their first retreat, but we promise it’s not only loads of fun, but you’ll be able to relax, and you’ll be supported all week. We’re always around if you need us. We foster an environment of support, fun, learning, and sharing.
  • Enjoy the three-acre garden, the pond, and the river on the grounds.
  • There’s also wi-fi, and the local village of Llandeilo is only nine miles away. There’s a small shop and pub within half a mile.

What are you waiting for?

Give yourself the gift of a fabulous week away where you can concentrate on making your writing dreams come true. If you have any questions at all or if you’d like further information or to book onto the course, give us a shout.

*Note that we keep the groups small so everyone gets individual attention, and they sell out quickly! Don’t wait, book today.*

To register or for more information, contact: info@globalwords.co.uk  or call Nicci at 07950 436665

And if you’re interested in our other offerings, you can find them on our services page, which will take you to the many different areas we work in. You can also follow us on LinkedIn, where we provide writing tips and tell you what we’re up to.

What do people who’ve been to our retreats have to say?

I attended Victoria’s writing workshop after my first novel was published. I was more than halfway into my second novel, but was struggling with structure. After the workshop I completely reworked the manuscript based on what I’d learned. The novel, The Time Before Now, ended up being one of The Lesbian Reviews top 10 books of 2016. Victoria’s seminar helped me gain a sharper understanding of the infrastructure required for crafting a strong story. I highly recommend it. ~Missouri Vaun

I was excited and nervous about coming along to the retreat. It’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this, and I’m so glad I took the leap and did it. Nicci and Victoria were perfect hosts who made sure everyone was comfortable and included. The accommodation was lovely, with plenty of room for working and socialising.

The morning workshops were a good mix of teaching and practical writing tasks, with a clear ‘homework’ task to complete each afternoon before the daily feedback session.

I’ve had a wonderful week, I honestly didn’t want to leave. ~ Emma W. 2020

Victoria and Nicci have been working with me over the past year on my first novel. Their expertise as editors has made the journey easier than I expected, and their knowledge of the lesfic market has been extremely useful. I have found their advice and guidance to be invaluable on my road to becoming a better writer.

I booked onto the writing retreat in October with mixed feelings, but found the whole week to be an amazing learning experience as well as meeting some lovely people. The week was well structured, with intensive learning sessions, time to write and put the learning into practice and constructive feedback sessions. As well as being extremely good at what they do, Victoria and Nicci are friendly, encouraging and very inclusive. I would recommend their services and events to anyone who wants to improve their writing. ~Fiona W. 2021

Loved my feedback session! I’m always wanting feedback, good or bad, as I feel it the most helpful part of a course. Victoria and Nicci are a well of information.  ~Morven

Vic and Nic’s teaching approach suits the way I learn. Non-threatening, sensitive to individuals within the group and professional. Would recommend and repeat this and similar courses. ~Wendy

The #1 thing was the quality of the teaching. The teaching was extremely skilful. ~Jan

Their teaching approach was very warm and open. I always felt comfortable sharing ideas and reading work, which isn’t always the case in a writing group. The course felt flexible, so that if another topic arises, more time can be spent on it. Would definitely recommend the course and would love to continue to learn more from Victoria and Nicci. The course has been a great help. ~Natalie

Some photos of our two weeks in 2019: