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Women’s Writing Retreats

Join us for a week of writing master classes in an inspirational setting and make your writing what you want it to be. Learn, craft, write. Create and find your voice. This retreat is an intensive creative experience for those who want to learn more about writing and how to improve on their work. Beginners and experienced writers are welcome.

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Why go on a writing retreat?

Life is busy. There are so many demands on our time. Partners, kids, pets, work, the constant nag of the cyber world. These things require time, which often means our writing gets pushed aside.

And that’s why you go on a writing retreat. You go to give yourself the time and space to devote to your writing. You’ll be inspired by other writers on the same journey, and you’ll have people to talk to who understand the path you’re on. Learn how to begin, how to continue, and how to finish. You go on a writing retreat because you want to write, and those weeks are all about you and your writing. You’ll have people there to support and inspire you throughout. You’ll learn, you’ll grow, and you’ll come out of the week with a horde of new tools to keep you going.

How does it work?

We meet up for the morning workshops (Wow 1, 2, and 3) and spend time talking craft. After lunch, it’s all you. Write, take a walk through the beautiful countryside to ponder what you’ve learned, or even take a nap and let the subconscious work. Finally, we have nibbles and the feedback session, where we hear what folks worked on during the day (if they weren’t just napping!).

Every retreat package includes:

Accommodation with a private bathroom in a beautiful location. Breakfast and an extensive lunch each day. Daily workshops and feedback. One-to-one sessions offering personalized project feedback. Afternoon nibbles, coffee, and tea. Outings to local locations (Covid and weather permitting!)

Retreat Options. Which is right for you?

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A week of nothing but writing and folks to write with, plus great food.

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Let’s get planning. Spend the week making sure every element is in place.

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Let’s get started and put your writing in motion.


Let’s talk voice and structure to get your work into shape.

What Else?

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Food and writers go hand in hand (and it’s good to move your body, too)

For us, food is a must-have when it comes to fuelling creativity. So a continental breakfast is provided each morning, and there’s an extensive, nutritious, and delicious spread for lunch (or dinner, if it’s the Do It! retreat) that caters to individual dietary requirements. And there’s always fruit and nibbles available throughout the day in case you want a little something to keep you going. The big open kitchens are just right for you to make your other meals and then join everyone else for evening chats.

If you’re interested in fitness, Nicci provides exercise sessions each morning and Victoria does BodyBalance (yoga) in the evenings. Bring your workout gear if you want to join in!

And, if your partner wants to come but isn’t a writer, they’re welcome to join you at a supplementary charge of £250. Writers sharing a room with other writers get a discounted price—so bring a fellow scribe!  

Inclusive. Diverse. Safe.

We are part of the LGBTQ community, and we believe that diversity in publishing is a beautiful thing. We love working with queer authors as well as BIPOC and second language writers.

We are fully inclusive. All women identified women are welcome, wherever it is you place yourself in the glorious spectrum of human expression.

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Are you ready? Come write for a week. We can’t wait to see you.