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Tutor-led writing retreat

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What do we do at WOW 3?

This week is all about starting your new project. We get to work planning and helping you devise different systems of organization that will work best for you now, and not just for this manuscript, but for all your projects in the future. We delve deeply into what your story will require and help you determine what might be missing, what could be added, and where you might be struggling. When you leave at the end of WOW 3, you’re going to have a solid book proposal and plan in your hot little hands.

We discuss these things and more throughout the week, and each morning is dedicated to a topic meant to help you become an even better writer. During the day, it’s all about your writing, and in the evening, it’s feedback time. We provide the place, the food, the company, and the laughter. You just need to be there and be willing to put pen to paper.


Wow 3 Retreat package
  • Accommodation in an en suite room in a beautiful location
  • Continental breakfast
  • Extensive buffet lunch (suitable for veggies and non-veggies)
  • Access to professional editors/publishers throughout the week
  • Outings to local locations (covid and weather permitting)