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Happy clients make us happy

It’s important to know what other writer’s experiences have been so you know you’re working with the right people. Below are a few thoughts shared with us over the years by people who have worked with us on a wide variety of projects.

“An editor who can be sensitive to the author’s voice without compromising the craft is an excellent one. That person is Nicci Robinson at Global Wordsmiths. Thank you.”

Emma Nichols, award winning author

“My week at the Wow retreat was truly amazing and insightful. Nic and Victoria are very attentive, supportive and welcoming. I can highly recommend this retreat to all budding authors..”

Claire, aspiring author

“I came to the retreat to help someone else, not expecting to gain anything from the teaching. I have come out a far more confident writer and as someone who really enjoys writing. It has allowed me to open the cage of my soul and put my foot out. I found myself on a journey that was Incredibly freeing and healing. I have gained new friends and a new understanding of writing. Thank you to Victoria and Nicci for setting this up and giving women the opportunity to better their writing and their friendships.”

Kitty, aspiring author

“As a new author, I enrolled on this retreat to learn more about the craft of writing. I have come away with a tool kit which will stand me in good stead moving forward. The tutors on the course were both friendly and helpful, gently pushing me to create and expect more from myself and my work. I now feel more confident as I step out on my writing journey and am already looking forward to the next retreat.”

Sarah, aspiring author

“I have attended several retreats from beginner to advanced and sometimes attend them to just write. The care and attention that Nicci and Victoria give to each and every one of us is immeasurable. I’m not a confident writer and for me, the excellent knowledge they impart and the mentoring is really important and helps me to do what I really feel inside – write a story.”

Sherry Jeary, debut author

“I was excited and nervous about coming along to the retreat. It’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this, and I’m so glad I took the leap and did it. Nicci and Victoria were perfect hosts who made sure everyone was comfortable and included.”

Emma W, author

“Vic and Nic’s teaching approach suits the way I learn. Non-threatening, sensitive to individuals within the group and professional. Would recommend and repeat this and similar courses.”

Jan, workshop attendee

“For anyone who seeks a firm but gentle hand, Victoria is one of the nicest and most personable editors a writer will ever work with..”

Nicole Conn, award winning director and author

“Nicci has been brilliant. Not only has her expertise really benefitted my writing, but her enthusiasm and encouragement have been so helpful. I was a little lacking in confidence when I contacted Nicci, but she has given me the motivation to write more. If you need your work editing to a publishable standard, Global Words are the ones to contact.”

Matt, Nottingham Writers’ Studio

“I attended Victoria’s writing retreat after my first novel was published. I was more than halfway into my second novel, but was struggling with structure. After the workshop I completely reworked the manuscript based on what I’d learned. The novel, The Time Before Now, ended up being one of The Lesbian Reviews top 10 books of 2016. Victoria’s seminar helped my gain a sharper understanding of the infrastructure required for crafting a strong story. I highly recommend it.”

Missouri Vaun, award winning author

“As well as being extremely good at what they do, Victoria and Nicci are friendly, encouraging and very inclusive. I would recommend their services and events to anyone who wants to improve their writing.”

Iona Kane, author

“I came to the retreat knowing nothing about how to write a story or book and I am leaving with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to write. I have had a wonderful time and I am looking forward to continuing my writing journey.”

Ally, aspiring author

“If you are looking for a personal touch to getting your book published, look no further. This is a team that will do their very best to give you the best result. I have had three books published this year, two with other publishers. Would I go back to them? No. Would I ask Global Wordsmiths to do it? You bet. What are you waiting for? Give them a try.”

John Parsons, author of Grandad’s Camper Van

“Thank you for the safe space to explore, and share my visions and vulnerabilities as both a writer and a woman. Before I came, I only dimly understood the writing mistakes I was making, and why I made them. It has been a great week of learning, of talking, and has rejuvenated my creative energies. The inclusivity of all the teaching and of the group sessions and interactions has been nourishing to someone used to working alone.”

Susanne, multi-published author

“The care and attention of both Victoria and Nicci to each individual is exceptional and encouraging. They explain in ways that enable you to understand, then use examples and encourage you to produce your own work. It is all done in an atmosphere of fun and I have to admit to laughing for most of the week.”

Valden Bush, author

“One thing about Victoria and Nicci that really stands out is their relentless conviction to my project. Their continued interest and kindness has helped me build my self-esteem as a writer. They have been so supportive of my work and have always encouraged me to believe that I have a story that is worth telling, especially when I forget this.”

Ray Martin, Life Without a Tie