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Cover Design

People do judge a book by its cover!

Having a professional cover design is imperative when you’re self-publishing your work.

There are many elements that go into cover design. Does it work for your market? Is it part of your brand? Does it work for every medium? Has it been created with the correct elements for both print and web? Does it work as a thumbnail as well as a full-size design?

What does your cover say about the story inside? If your design isn’t up to scratch, your reader may think the story itself isn’t either.

When you work with us on cover design, we talk to you about the story, about your brand, and about your future writing goals. We discuss market and what kinds of book covers you like and why. Then, we draw up some drafts for you to look at so we know what type of thing you might like, and we narrow it down from there.

It’s a wonderfully collaborative process, and most authors really enjoy seeing the cover come to life. (This is a very different process if you’re going the traditional route; your publisher will have someone on staff, and the cover will also reflect the publisher’s brand.)

Some of our work: