Below is an overview list of the writing and editing services we provide.

However, each author’s needs are different, and it’s always good to have a chat about what your specific project needs and what ways we can help. Sometimes, one of the difficulties as a writer is knowing what your work needs. There comes a point when you’re uncertain what else it is you need to work on. Your writing group says its good, your partner says its great. But what does a professional think?

What do you need?

writing and editing services

For instance, what is it you’re looking for? Would you like an overall assessment, just to find out if your story is working at a general level? Or do you want development editing, where we teach along the way, helping you to hone your craft? Or, maybe all the graft is done, and now you need someone to help you typeset it according to publishing standards.

Get in touch to talk about how we can help your writing dreams come true. You can click on any of the writing and editing services below to learn a bit more about them and what we offer.