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What’s Your Story?

Writing is something special. Sharing your story, your imagination, your words, allows people into your world. Stories connect us as humans, and to do so in writing that can be shared on a global level is a wonderful accomplishment. As authors ourselves, we understand the magic of storytelling.

And we also understand the blood, sweat, tears, and occasional swear words that have gone into what you’ve created. 

What Do We Offer Writers?

You can find a list of our services here

But what do we offer that sets us apart? 

Experience: we have over a decade’s experience in the publishing industry, and between us we’ve written thirteen novels so far. We also work with contractors who have been in the industry and who are trained in their fields. Too many people call themselves editors, when really all you’re getting from them is opinions. 

Passion: we love what we do. We love seeing writers become published authors. We love helping you create the best book you can, and we love knowing your reasons for wanting to do so. We have personal relationships with our clients, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re never just a number to us. 

Professionalism: we are right beside you throughout this process. We know what it takes, and we’ll guide you through. We can see your dream, and we’ll do all we can to help you achieve it; we’ll never step on your voice or suggest something not in line with what you want. We work with you to set deadlines and we meet them. And when life gets in the way, we might give you a gentle nudge to keep going so that your dream doesn’t get waylaid, because we understand how hard it can be to stay on track.

What do writers need?

  • An editor who listens. What level of editing do you want? What level of editing do you need?
  • An editor who teaches. If we make suggestions or see issues, we’ll always explain what we’re seeing, and why we think it’s an issue.
  • Training. Writing is a craft, and like any craftsperson, you want to be the best at what you do. That comes with training, with practice, and with making it happen. 
  • We offer workshops, retreats, and one-to-one feedback so that you can learn and grow as a writer even as you’re continuing to create. 
  • You want someone who can help you through the process; someone who can spot plot gaps, logic gaps, problems with your pacing and your character arcs, and someone who can not only spot them, but help you find ways to fix them.
  • You want a teammate, not a manager. And we’re on your team.