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Innovative School Publishing

How do you learn? By getting involved with the topic!

We’re incredibly proud to be working with local schools on an exciting new way for students to access the curriculum.

Learning is about so much more than reiterating facts. It’s about getting kids excited about the facts they’re learning, and it’s about getting them to interact with the topic at hand so that the information really sticks.

At Global Wordsmiths, we believe in the power of words and imagination to help kids do just that, and this curriculum innovation is a great way to jump in.

Generally, we come into the classroom and talk about publishing with the kids. What is it, what do we do, and why do books matter? The teacher decides what they want the kids to write, and over the course of four weeks we come in once a week and talk to the kids about elements of writing that pertain to what they’re learning about the topic. It makes the kid’s writing better, it engages them with the subject, and they start writing using their imaginations in conjunction with what they’ve learned. In turn, these stories are edited by the teacher and turned over to us.

Your students become published authors

We then copy edit and typeset them in standard children’s book style, and then the books are published and launched at a public book launch, making each child a published author! The pride and joy in every child’s face when they see their work in print is truly amazing, and it provides an invaluable way for them to hold onto the memories of what they learned that year.

We’ve worked on book topics like World War II, The Victorians, and even Mayan and Mexican culture. One school had every student in the school (340!) write about something they loved.

If you’d be interested in finding out how this great project could benefit your school, please get in touch. We’d love to talk to you!