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Global Wordsmiths is proud to help authors self-publish their work. Below are some great books for you to check out!

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Children’s Books: Nicky Hill

The Wotton Pack and The Ghost House: released 17th September, 2018

It’s another beautiful day in Wotton Under Edge, and Koa the Labrador wants an adventure.

When the devious Mole King convinces Koa that there’s treasure to be had in the old ghost house, Koa can’t wait! Now he just has to convince his pack to join in the excitement.

Join the Wotton Pack as they take on ghost sheep, skeletons, and moles who want world domination! 

£6.99 + £2.00 P&P

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LesFic Books: Karen Klyne

Parallel Lives: Book One of the Opening in Time trilogy: released 1st September, 2018

When Kaitlin Hewlett-Grace crash lands her little plane in a field, she has no idea what’s in store. She wakes to find herself in a strange land among strange people. A worm hole in time has sent her to a place similar, but most certainly different, from her own. The women-only community lives a simple life and Kaitlin, used to all the finer things in the twenty-first century, has a steep learning curve ahead of her. 

Sexy and serious Tannus, Chief of the community, knows two things: her time is limited, and Kaitlin is meant for her. But Kaitlin isn’t about to love someone because of a prophecy in a world she doesn’t belong to, and Tannus must prove herself worthy of Kaitlin’s love. Berran, Tannus’ twin sister and her opposite in pretty much every way, would do just about anything for Kaitlin’s love…except betray her sister’s trust.

All three of them must come to terms with what Kaitlin’s presence among them brings to light. And when there are life and death choices to be made, they must be made with the knowledge that there is far more at stake than heartache.

£9.99 + £2.50 P&P

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