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MAY 28TH-29TH, 2022


What’s better than a book festival? One dedicated to LGBTQ+ writers and readers!

We’ve got comedians and authors and poets from Mexico, Corsica, and all over the UK – and they’re converging on Waterstones, Nottingham for a weekend of amazing panels, talks, and sets plus lots and lots of laughter.

With a special performance by drag artist Nana Arthole at our Saturday after party, an opening set by international comedian and author Rosie Wilby, an author breakfast with Danish pastries and coffee, and a free writing workshop, there’s so much for you to enjoy.

Welcome back to the real world with a deep dive into fictional reality, observational comedy, and memoir. It’s time to bring our community back together, and this weekend is going to be epic!

We can’t wait to see you. ALL of you at the LGBTQ book festival,

wherever you may be on the beautiful spectrum of humanity.

This is safe space meant for everyone in the big alphabet soup; see you soon.