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Tutor Led Writing Retreat

October 29th-November 5th, 2022
Caernarfon, Wales

woman in black and white floral dress sitting on chair

What do we do at WOW 1?

This is about the core of your writing craft. We discuss developing solid characters that readers relate to, talk about creating strong plots, and how to avoid things like gaps and the dreaded saggy middle. And of course, we’ll delve into point of view so you leave knowing exactly whose story it is you’re telling and how to do it to best effect. This is a great week for both new and established authors, as revisiting core writing skills is always useful.

We discuss these things and more throughout the week, and each morning is dedicated to a topic meant to help you become an even better writer. During the day, it’s all about your writing, and in the evening, it’s feedback time. We provide the place, the food, the company, and the laughter. You just need to be there and be willing to put pen to paper.


WOW 1 Retreat package
  • Accommodation with private bathroom in a beautiful location
  • Continental breakfast
  • Extensive buffet lunch
  • Access to professional editors/publishers throughout the week
  • Outings to local locations (covid and weather permitting)